Broadcast and Web Video Production

First and foremost, LileStyle Productions specializes in creating a professional video which captures the perfection of your business. We will come to you, to suit your schedule, and speak with you about what you wish to accomplish with a video. Meeting one on one gives us the ability to really see what you are wanting to convey to us as the main message for your potential clients.

We will give you suggestions, advice, and guidance while we create a strategy for your video product. We can create video products for the web, for broadcast television, and for any kind of medium you prefer. Want to send a video out by email? We can do it for you! Want to send a video out on a DVD, using snail mail? We can do that too! We will discuss the details of production with you, so that you are aware of what will happen, every step of the way. We will then shoot, edit and create your product for you. We can work alone or you can be as involved as you want to be.

Since we are completely digital and utilize the web for all its abilities, we can put previews of your video up during different stages of production, for you to view over the internet from the comfort of your office. You won't lift a finger and when we are done, you will have a visual expression of your business for all the world to see. Can't think of what you want to do? Need creative ideas? We are full of those!

All of this at a FRACTION of the cost that you would pay at a full production house. Those places have a huge overhead and many employees to compensate for and that is why you normally can't find this kind of service starting for under $3000. And that's for a :30 commercial!


Now you can get a :30-:60 second QUALITY commercial for your business ranging from $600-$900!


* These are only pricing ranges. Please call today to get a more accurate price for your project.

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Video Production

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